2014 : reflections

This post is admittedly a little overdue, as we are already racing through January, but I thought it would be worth taking some time to think about the adventure that was 2014 and look forward to all that 2015 holds.


For this adventurer, thinking back over 2014, I am filled with memories of some truly overwhelmingly happy times, as well as some of the most challenging. It is so reassuring to think that despite a rocky start to the year (to put it lightly), with no adventuring and frankly no desire for any enterprise more daring than lurking under the safety of my duvet, I am still able to think back and remember some fantastic and exciting days spent with some fantastic and exciting friends. I feel like I am successfully escaping from what seems now to have almost definitely been a curse or bewitchment cast over me by some super mean and grouchy witch. So, for now, please indulge me while I recap some of 2014’s adventures – perhaps it will inspire some of you for whom happiness seems scarily distant.

Travelled by boat to Hurst Castle and learned about Henry VIII’s coastal forts.
Flitted from pub to pub and band to band for Bristol’s Dot to Dot Festival.
Got extremely muddy and equally glittery at Love Saves the Day.
Headed off to Paris with the best people, staying in a 4* hotel at the Place du Vendome.
Sprinted around Disneyland Paris and hopped on Big Thunder Mountain more times than we should admit.
Cycled from the Eiffel Tower along the River Seine all the way to the Bois de Vincennes.
Boogied to Kool and the Gang at Guilfest. Cried at my first ever Opera experience at Glyndebourne.
Picnicked on the beach at Lepe (Read more here).
Visited an impressive number of castles (including Cardiff which I also wrote about).
Made a hell of a lot of bunting.
Visited Dublin and travelled across to County Clare to see the Cliffs of Moher.
Volunteered at Bristol Zoo Gardens (I wrote a post about this place) and got hands on with butterflies, lemurs and lorikeets.
Sang/played at my first open mic night in years.
Got incredibly lost returning from the Bristol Balloon Fiesta and discovered Leigh Woods by accident.
Learnt how to dance a little bit.
Saw a truly fantastic performance of Julius Ceasar at the Globe Theatre as well as a bunch of other fantastic theatre performances.
Met a guy who is pretty cool.
Celebrated in the new year on a boat on the River Thames.

I suppose the main thing that I can take away from what might seem like a relatively short, or rather tame list of activities, is that popular definitions of the word “adventure”, yapping on about “reckless or potentially hazardous actions”, with reference to “danger” and “the taking of risks”, seem to be somewhat lacking. I visited a number of art galleries and public museums, I went on a number of coastal walks, I learnt how to bake – hardly risky exploits. And yet the sense of achievement, the feeling that I have returned, successful, from a thrilling, exciting and emotionally daring undertaking is still there, and surely that must be what adventures are all about. Throwing yourself into the world despite uncertainty of what might be in store and (re)discovering a sometimes lost sense of excitement in all there is out there to experience. I think realising the joy in this pursuit might have been my biggest and most challenging adventure yet.

Sarah’s Official Definition: TBC

For now I could give you some words that rhyme with adventure instead? Helpful? No? (Bencher. Denture. Wrencher? Trencher. Dementia?)

Ok the end.



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