Learn about Egyptians at the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery

As an archaeology student in my third year at university here, it’s embarrassing to reveal that it has taken me so long to properly explore this treasure trove. But this summer, I finally got round to having a proper mooch around the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, and guys, it did not disappoint.

Sitting proudly at the top of Park Street (next to the Will’s Memorial Building… you can’t miss it), the impressive Edwardian building is host to 20 galleries over 3 floors. Whether you’re into geology or inventions, the natural world or archaeology, dinosaurs or painting, there will be something in here to interest you. AND, (best bit), it’s completely free. FREE. Seriously. So there’s no excuse. Even if you’re just popping in for a coffee at their café or going to check out the beautiful architecture and the gorgeous wide entrance hall with high glass roofs, grand staircases and marble floors, it is definitely worth a visit.

Along with some temporary exhibitions (you can see what’s on at the moment HERE), there are some permanent galleries to check out, including a display of the wild life in the West of the England (= taxidermy. Brilliantly creepy), a dinosaur/’sea monster’ gallery (one of the sea monsters was pregnant when it died and you can see it in the fossil?!), and an Egypt exhibition.

The Egyptian exhibition explored the beliefs of the ancient Egyptians, looking into the ways that they expressed their views about life, death and the afterlife. There was an enormous collection of beautiful artefacts grouped into these themes, and you could read more about the objects on touch screens and explore and respond to them on computers. I seriously enjoyed this more interactive way of learning about the people that inhabited the area we call Egypt for more than 12000 years. #prehistoricpardy #archaeologyaction

Useful Information:

  • Museum and Gallery opening times – 10.00-17.00 weekdays. 10.00-18.00 weekends.
  • Facilities – Café. Lockers. Toilets. GIFT SHOP!
  • Cup of coffee – £1.90 (Vanilla latte: £2.70)
  • Bring: Your interested self.
  • Bristol Museum and Art Gallery,
    Queens Road, B8 1RL (it’s very very hard to miss)
  • Http://www.bristolmuseums.org.uk
  • @bristolmuseum

Inamun Coffin Lid and Case – on display in the Egyptian gallery. Over 2,600 years old, dating to the 25th or 26th Dynasty (675-640 BCE) in the Late Period. From Thebes and made of wood, this coffin is typical of the period and is covered with texts and images of gods.


The museum has a large collection of real Egyptian artefacts and has been collecting them for over 150 years. The lighting in the gallery is kept low to preserve the objects.



The Museum cafe has a wide selection of hot and cold drinks, as well as some food and cakes.

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